Monday, September 29, 2008

Introduction and Mission

This blog is dedicated to providing news and commentary on Mahindra vehicles and particularly the US entry of Mahindra on-road vehicles. It is a resource for news, information, and commentary on Mahindra trucks.

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Mahindra’s entry into the US light truck market is intriguing for several reasons:

1 – Mahindra & Mahindra is a well respected name and company throughout the world.
2 – Mahindra has a long history of manufacturing tractors, heavy and light trucks in India.
3 – It will be fascinating to see how an Indian company approaches entering the US light truck market.
4 – Mahindra has a long established relationship with International Truck and Engine Corporation in the US.
5 – Mahindra is entering the US market at possibly the worst economic times in post-WWII history.
6 – Mahindra intends to initially market trucks in the US to Mahindra tractor owners, farmers, and Indians living in the US.
7 – Mahindra’s environmental stance by bringing a diesel-only vehicle to the US market.
8 – Mahindra intends to be viewed as a Land Rover alternative.

My intention is to expand upon each of these topics over time, report updates and news, and offer commentary on Mahindra’s progress and product line. I hope that you will find this to be a useful, informative, and engaging resource!