Thursday, October 6, 2011

Best of Mahindra Planet: Roasting The Old Scout Chestnut

We’ve dug back into the dark and musty MP archives again (located deep inside a western Kentucky cave under ancient Native American burial grounds for safe keeping) and returned to the surface with a couple of popular jewels for all to admire once again.

Mahindra Planet has beaten the old Mahindra-Navistar (International Trucks) horse to death and back several times in the last three years.  So why not give it another smack and read our prediction/dream of a modern incarnation of the classic International Scout pickups and SUVs.  The connection between these two companies is still deep, so why not continue to conjecture:

From 2008: MahindraPlanet Predicts Springfield, OhioAssembly for Mahindra Trucks


If neither of these articles satisfies your neo-retro truck nostalgia, make sure you keep up with Icon 4x4.  Not only have they been continuing to build their incredible Icon CJ3B and Icon FJ series trucks, they have also teamed up with famous designer Camilo Pardo (Ford GT designer) to create a new Icon Bronco based on the classic first generation Ford Bronco design:  Icon 4x4