Friday, October 10, 2008

Mahindra People

Mahindra will undoubtedly have a long and winding road leading to the hearts and minds of the United States’ small and mid-size light truck customer. In late 2009 Mahindra will introduce its diesel pick-up truck to the US market at a time when petroleum-based fuel prices are the highest they have ever been, and the sales of light trucks are at record lows. This is a significant cultural shift for such a truck-centric, and recreation loving society.

The question is: Does Mahindra have what it takes to introduce a new vehicle in the US at possibly the worst time and make it a success?

The answer is: Yes.

This is not a simple “yes” though. There are many reasons to give for this prediction of success. The most compelling reason for me is Mahindra’s people. If you are curious, spend some time reading the employee blogs at Mahindra Universe. These people are smart, innovative, globally knowledgeable, and passionate about Mahindra. Realize that the people are the backbone of any corporation. A miserable corporate atmosphere will breed questionable product. I won’t site examples here, but I’m sure you can think of a few. On the other side of that, a corporate atmosphere of growth, encouragement, and appreciation can produce a world-changing product. A company with the right attitude has the ability to make molehills out of mountains. Think Apple or Google.

This is taking just a small bite out of this topic. The point is that Mahindra is powerful via the strength of its people. We’ll dive deeper into the world of Mahindra in future posts!

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Anonymous said...

I believe there are many consumers here in the USA who, like myself, are
eagerly anticipating owning a "basic" compact diesel truck, with room enough to carry a driver and several passengers. The Mahindra 4-door pikup is long overdue here and if the product lives up to its hype your only problem may be in keeping up with the orders.
I would suggest some more detailed info on the gv-usa website along with interior pics, etc.
Keep up with the updates!