Monday, February 16, 2009

All New Mahindra SUV for 2010, Pickup on Target for 2009 Launch

Confirmed in a recent interview in India’s Business-Standard, Mahindra & Mahindra Automotive Sector President, Pawan Goenka says Mahindra is still on track for the launch of the Mahindra Pick Up in late 2009 no matter what the world economy currently looks like. Goenka states that, “The downturn is perhaps one of the best times to launch new products as it creates a buzz around it. The current slowdown in the global economy will not deter our launches,”

Goenka also states that an all-new Mahindra SUV, which will replace the current Scorpio, is currently being designed. He expects the new SUV (which he does not specifically call Scorpio) will be on sale in India mid-2010 and will be sold in the US not long after.

Of significant note is that Goenka’s statements allude to the new SUV being a vehicle specifically targeting the US market. Based upon the ‘love it or hate it’ US feedback for the still un-named Mahindra pickup’s styling, one can speculate that the new SUV’s aesthetic would be geared to more of a North American palette.

It can also be surmised from the interview that the new SUV may not be named Scorpio. This could open the door for the pickup to be called Scorpio in the US. Scorpio would be a great name for the rugged and utilitarian pickup truck which is currently called Pik Up in world markets, after it was possibly going to be called Appalachian in the US.

Link to Goenka Interview

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Drop Suspension said...

If Mahindra wants to be successful they should push forward and not hold back. It's worth giving a try instead of leaving it alone.