Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mahindra Truck News: Mahindra Planet

As our loyal readers know, Mahindra Planet keeps you abreast of all happenings regarding the arrival of Mahindra pickups in North America. The models tentatively known as TR20 (2-door pickup) and TR40 (4-door pickup) are due to hit US shores in late 2009 and early 2010. Plenty of people across the US are chomping at the bit to get their first test drive in the new trucks as soon as they become available.

Mahindra Planet will be switching gears as the summer progresses. Visitors to the site can expect to see a new and more user friendly layout. We hope to create more of a magazine atmosphere, but most importantly we hope to be more engaging and encourage further interaction with and between readers. Please comment and contribute to the site, all are welcome!

As we change things up a bit, we’ll try to see what works and what doesn’t. We want this site to be a place where fans of the Mahindra brand can share in their excitement and find some useful information. We want our readers to define the site and make it a cool and comfortable spot on the web.

This is an open invitation to all readers throughout the world: We would like your comments, story ideas, articles for publishing, tips, and even sketches or renderings of Mahindra related vehicles that you think are cool or other people might be interested in. Full credit will be given to all contributors; it’s your chance to populate the Mahindra Planet!

Also note that Mahindra Planet is now on Twitter. Look for @MahindraPlanet. We'll include a link from here soon.

Please comment directly to articles we’ve posted, and please feel free to contact us directly via email: Christian.Winfield@MahindraPlanet.com



joecallimachus said...

Now that looks like a truck. Something you would be confortable parking at the rod and gun club.

I can just picture my kayak in the bed on the way to go striper fishing. I just hope the two door comes in a real black color. On the Mahindra site it shows the 4D in black but the 2D is sort of a dark purple/brown when you compare the pictures side by side.

Christian J Winfield said...

I think they are going to be tough trucks! I also have to believe they will be available in black! Good stuff.

Zach Smith said...

I am looking forward to buying one a four door. I am concered that the truck will be introduced to the states after intrest rates have skyrocketed (thanks obama). A car compay like this will be good for America, inovative and willing to think outside the sparkpulg box.