Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mahindra Pickups: Likely to Arrive in US with Improved Appearance

Late last week Mahindra unveiled the updated Mahindra PikUp for the Australian market. This “facelift” of the current model means the exterior styling remains unchanged with the exception of adding an updated hood, grill, bumper, and headlights from the recently unveiled and updated Indian Market Scorpio.

The front end restyle definitely adds a hint of modernization to the PikUp. According to Global Vehicles, USA spokesman, Mike Geylin, what we see here is very close to the face of Mahindra pickups that US customers will be seeing when the TR20 and TR40 are launched this fall.

MahindraPlanet is glad to see the more aggressive and slightly more angular look for the TR. The slots in the grill have been squared off at the corners and a pronounced Mahindra symbol sits atop a projected arch on the center slot. It’s noted that the TR retains seven vertical slots in the grill which we assume remains to pay homage to Mahindra’s long-time Jeep connection.

We’re not fans of goofy fake hood scoops, but we think the modern headlamps and more integrated looking bumper help to offset that minor styling faux pas.

The golden nugget of the facelift appears to be a very well done interior. Aside from the steering wheel on the wrong side (and manual transmission, unfortunately), we hope that the interior arrives in the US as seen in the photos.

The seats look reasonably shaped for proper comfort and support. The fit and finish look great (in the photo model at least) and the shapes, colors, and textures generally look as good as most trucks available in the US.

To read the full article, hit this link: Aussie PikUp Update

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