Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mahindra Sees 40% Net Profit Gain Despite Parts Shortages

The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that despite continued parts shortages, Mahindra experienced a 40% gain in net profit for the first fiscal quarter of 2010. The WSJ post does not clarify, but we believe this 40% increase is over the same time period last year. The increase in net profit is directly attributed to the fast recovery of the Indian economy from the peak of the global downturn in 2008-2009.

Mahindra is also claiming that it under-produced vehicles by 5% due to parts shortages from suppliers who are still recovering from the downturn. Slow supply of key components such as engine and transmission castings, tires, and fuel injection equipment are to blame.

High levels of domestic demand for Mahindra vehicles and local parts shortages, leaves us wondering if delays in Mahindra’s US pickup truck launch may be partially related. A quick risk assessment would place a much higher value on known demand in the Indian market over the unknown American market.

Source: WSJ

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Anonymous said...

Not sure how related domestic demand and parts shortages are to the US-related delays but I definitely agree that for Mahindra the US is an unknown market. However, I still feel they should plow ahead. Forget the delays, forget the legal disputes. The fact of the matter is that the compact/midsize segment in the US is dying. More and more truckers are moving to the ‘fullsize’ options. However, based on comments on the blogosphere, there is a definite group of trucks that are still looking for a value-for-money, rugged and utilitarian workhorse. With its diesel engine, compact size and high payload capacity, the Mahindra TR20 and TR40 can meet this need.