Friday, October 22, 2010

Mahindra Delay Excuses Don't Set Well With Importer

Mahindra importer, Global Vehicles USA (GV), has quickly responded to Mahindra’s statements that the US launch of their India-built line of compact diesel pickup trucks has been delayed indefinitely due to ongoing conflict with the Georgia-based company.

“Mahindra is legally – and morally – obligated to conduct business as usual” – John Perez, CEO, Global Vehicles

Perez refers to an arbitration clause which was part of the original contract between Global Vehicles and Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd to establish GV as the exclusive distributor of Mahindra vehicles in the United States. The contract between the two parties expired on June 11, 2010. On that same day, GV invoked an arbitration clause placed in the distributor agreement. That clause requires both companies to conduct ‘business as usual’ in order to fulfill their commitment in supplying Mahindra pickups to nearly 350 dealers which have been waiting over 2 years for products to sell.

While engaged in a federal lawsuit filed against them by GV and the binding arbitration process being conducted in the UK, Mahindra continues to publicly dismiss GV as exclusive distributor of their vehicles, and now are blaming further delays on these actions.

"Any suggestion that the arbitration process or the federal lawsuit we were forced to file to protect our rights are responsible for the delay in bringing trucks to the United States is patently not true. If Mahindra's trucks are ready to sell, they should continue performing their obligations under the distributor agreement just like we have. If dealers start to doubt Mahindra's integrity, they don't stand a chance of earning the trust of American consumers." – John Perez

Source: Global Vehicles via PRNewsWire


Anonymous said...

I'm still going to wait. I hope Mahindra wins!!!!and imports them to their tractor dealers. It will save on the markup. Hitting them with 25% is way out of line. Hope you all can get some of your money back. Lets face it Manhindra got slickered and they are fighting back. Gooooo Mahindra!!!!

Anonymous said...

If Mahindra wanted to sell these trucks through their tractor dealers they could have done that without ever getting involved with Global Vehicles, but that is not what they wanted. They've got these trucks and then an SUV set to import- they want to be taken seriously and selling cars out of tractor stores ain't what they had in mind. They want what GV has set up- they just don't want to pay for it, so goooo Global!!!!
I think the 25% you refer to is the 25% tax on small import trucks, not profit, and has nothing to do with who sells them; it's your government at work.

Anonymous said...

I kind of like the idea of "one stop shop" Trucks sold from a tractor dealer? GREAT , no slim ball trying to sell you something you cant afford. Come on!!! think about it! Trucks next to tractors, gotta say something about TUFF!! Hell maybe you can get matching colors and trailer.I do realy like the idea, I rather deal with a farmer than a sales person. Hell, maybe get a bar b que out of it , instead of a hot dog.

Anonymous said...

First Anonymous and 3rd anonymous.

Referring to Mahindra's "trucks" are not comparable to American or Japanese trucks you are used to. I think you are still under the illusion that Mahindra's trucks are real trucks.

It's ancient technology, looks and horrible build quality (read the reviews from Australia and other places) and dubious safety record.

Let me warn you, as someone who has been on these Mahindra crapmobiles; they are nothing, pardon me for emphasizing, nothing compared to a Ford Ranger or Tacoma.

Comparing Mahindra to Ford Ranger is like comparing a twenty year old, run down Ford Pinto to brand new Cadillac CTS or Lincoln MKS.

Hyperbole aside, a Mahindra truck is not what you'd expect to be a truck (no I am not comparing it to F250s or Escalades, but to vehicles in the same class; plain utility trucks like Rangers and Tacomas).

So, be warned; keep you expectation low, and you won't be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

i like old tech. i like to think of it this way. if a farmer in a 3rd world country spends his life savings to take food to market, it dam well better be good. or you gonna wake up with animal head in your bed.we americans have very high expectations and mahindra knows this. i much rather have a rig that i can use than having one as pretty as a toyota. I hate ranger. i rather have rollup windows and radio as a option. i am sad they remove the box hooks. they will mark, my words set the standards. and if you know anything about airplanes, i hope the people in china get one of these and put their spin on it and get it to the states. that would be a street legal tractor. and that is what i want. old tech rules!!