Monday, January 17, 2011

Mahindra, Indian for 'Rise'

With the help of New York-based ad agency StrawberryFrog, Mahindra has announced that it will begin using a singular global branding campaign for all facets of its international business.

Mahindra will use the word ‘Rise’ to unify and identify all of their global business entities from tractors and defense, to SUV’s and information technology services.

"For Mahindra, 'Rise' means achieving world class standards in everything we do, setting new benchmarks of excellence and conquering tough global markets," Anand Mahindra, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

Mahindra announced last year that it was impressed with the work of StrawberryFrog (Fosters Beer being one of their better known ad campaigns in the US) and had partnered with them for a global branding effort. You may recall that StrawberryFrog had originally been hired by Mahindra’s US pickup truck distribution partner, Global Vehicles, in 2008 to create a grassroots advertising campaign for the perpetually delayed Mahindra TR20 and TR40 compact diesel pickups. Neither the ad campaign nor the vehicles ever materialized.

With two of four US partners left standing (StrawberryFrog and Navistar), we just hope that Mahindra will ‘Rise’ to their commitment to bringing their pickups and SUVs to America.

Source: The Economic Times

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