Monday, January 11, 2010

From 2008: MahindraPlanet Predicts Springfield, Ohio Assembly for Mahindra Trucks

In October of 2008, MahindraPlanet theorized that Mahindra’s connections with Navistar, International Truck and Engine Corporation, could easily lead to an assembly or manufacturing partnership on American soil. Pawan Goenka’s comments last week that Navistar facilities will be the first considered for US truck assembly confirmed the possibility of this prediction.

The post takes the manufacturing prediction one step further, and dreams of a reinvented, modern interpretation of the International Scout based on the Mahindra TR chassis and powertrain. With International’s light truck non-compete agreement with Ford likely null and void, the door is open for a line of pickups and SUV’s with International branding to ride the currently popular retro-styling wave.

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JMSIOWA said...

Love the vehicle price in the old Scout ad. < 1700 USD.

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