Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mahindra Wins Arbitration Against Global Vehicles

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd announced yesterday that a London arbitration panel has ruled in favor of the Indian conglomerate, and dismissed claims by US-based Global Vehicles that an exclusive US distribution agreement established in 2006 was violated.

Adding further insult to injury, a US class action lawsuit filed by dealers against Mahindra and Global Vehicles has also been dismissed.

These latest legal decisions now allow Mahindra to move forward with plans to enter the US market and utilize distribution and sales resources of their own choosing. What this means for dealers franchised by Global Vehicles remains to be seen.

On the positive side, Navistar may now finally be able to make an announcement on their new facility in Alabama.

There is much more to follow on this news story, so please continue to check back.


Anonymous said...

Some people may view this news as a stumbling block on the approach of the Indian brand, but I'm betting in hindsight it will be seen as a big step forward. I think they have been plotting their moves for a long time, and whether it is a Mahindra or Ssangyong badged vehicle that gets here first, I look forward to an announcement from them. I doubt I'll be buying what they're selling, but they're still on the way.

Truck Lowering Suspension Parts said...

Now this is something to look forward to. We should wait and hear from it soon.

Heavy Trucks said...

A good news for mahindra lovers and for me as well. I am also a big fan of mahindra products as well.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think Mahindra is lower than pondscum in the food chain for thrusting this this act of villany into the North American motor vehicle industry.

I think there are a LOT of dealers out there who are not going to think twice about getting involved with Mahindra. They'll avoid whatever Mahindra has to offer like the plague.

Anonymous said...

>> On the positive side, Navistar
>> may now finally be able to make >> an announcement on their new
>> facility in Alabama.

They did exactly that two weeks later, and now we have proof that your reckless speculation has been wrong:

Mahindra Car Prices in India said...

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