Monday, September 28, 2009

Mahindra TR40 Crash Test Video

UPDATE: The Mahindra Crash Test video has been pulled from YouTube. The ANCAP crash test results links in this post are still valid. You can see a still image of the crash test on the ANCAP website. You can still find many other good Mahindra truck videos by searching on YouTube. Thanks, Hughlysses.

So, how does the Mahindra TR40 fare in a frontal offset crash test? According to this YouTube video and the attached description, not so well.

While this is obviously an Australian market Mahindra Pik-Up, it still gives us some idea how the 4WD truck will handle a collision sans airbags.

There is no indication of actual test speed other than the cryptic note which specifies: Acceleration 69.4-40.7. A quick conversion of kph to mph indicates that 69.4kph translates to 43.1mph and the test requires 64kph (40mph).

The video is from ANCAP (AustrailAsian New Car Assessment Program) and the test was published in 2008. The Mahindra TR40 received 2 stars out of 5, and 3.44 points out of 16 overall. Steering column, footwell, and pedal intrusion were significant. Click this link to read the Frontal Offset Test Criteria: ANCAP. Click this link to view the entire Vehicle Crash Report.

This does not mean that the US versions will be better or worse, but it is interesting to see how it holds up in its current market. Bare in mind that US versions will also be equipped with crash avoidance equipment like ABS and stability control, and the added safety of airbags. What is your opinion?

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Christian J Winfield said...

Some people are not able to view the embedded video at the top of this post. Most firewalls (especially those at work, like Websense) tend to block embedded video or YouTube all together. You may want to go directly to YouTube, and search for “Mahindra crash test” to find the video. There are also several other Mahindra related videos to check out. Enjoy.

Derrick Trucks said...

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