Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Newsday

Mahindra News:

Mahindra has officially released high quality photos of the TR20 and TR40. The photos still have the “PikUp” badges on them, but these are what the US trucks will look like.
Click the link below, then go to ‘Vehicles’, then click on ‘Photos’.
Mahindra NA

Check out the spy photos PickupTrucks.com posted yesterday. Mike Levine is on top of it. More importantly, check out all the comments. Will style win out over utility come February?

Finally! A Mahindra truck forum has landed on the scene. Andy has created a nice place to kick your feet up, crack open your beverage of choice, and discuss all things Mahindra trucks.

Non-Mahindra News:
Indian electric car manufacturer, REVA, may build a facility in Upstate New York to manufacture their NXR and NXG plug-in electric cars.
REVA to Syracuse

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