Monday, November 16, 2009

Mahindra: Exploring All Options to Manufacture Pickup Trucks in the US

A Wall Street Journal interview posted Friday morning with Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Anand Mahindra indicates that Mahindra is actively seeking options to build Mahindra vehicles in the United States.

Mahindra states that he is aware of the “great amount of capability and capacity available” to manufacture vehicles in the US. Mahindra goes on the explain that there are no firm plans yet, but options include buying or leasing an existing plant, or building a new facility. He also states that Mahindra does not plan to enter a joint venture for US expansion, quelling any rumors of partnering with Navistar/International or other manufacturers for production on US soil.

The interview also discusses Mahindra's burgeoning tractor sales in China and Africa despite the global economic downturn, and how US and European sales have begun to stabilize. The article in its entirety can be found: Here

Source: WSJ

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