Friday, November 20, 2009

US Mahindra Pickup Pricing: Clues from Down Under

Speculation continues on Mahindra’s US pricing strategy for the TR20 and TR40 pickups launching in February 2010. An article posted earlier this week on Australia’s The Motor Report announced the introduction of the Pik-Up to the Western Australia market with AUD pricing structure.

The Motor Report article also put together a table including the recommended retail price (plus general sales tax) for various Pik-Up configurations. We’ve taken that table and included the USD conversion. Additionally, we included a column that tacks on 25%. Consider it accounting for the Chicken Tax, shipping, emissions testing, safety testing, or anything else you like. We thought it might appear more representative of actual US sticker prices.

Along with the announcement, the article quotes Mahindra Australia CEO, Claire Tynan on safety improvements made to the Aussie pickups. The comments and improvements appear to be in response to previous ANCAP crash test reports in which the Australian Mahindra pickups didn’t fair so well. As regular readers may recall, a YouTube video of the test was removed shortly after a Mahindra Planet posted a link to it. From the description in the article, the Australian pickups now appear to have all of the same safety equipment as US versions will get in February.



chucky2 said...

I'm all for getting Clean Diesel offerings into the US, and for sure at minimum Ford could have long provided a CD offering pre-empting Mahindra, however, if Mahindra MSRP pricing is going to be anywhere close to your Scientific Wild Ass Guess (SWAG) numbers (not knocking them, have to do them at work all the time), then Mahindra mine as well not even try to import these'll give them a negative name recognition right off the bat.

Mahindra needs to be going 200% full speed ahead and setting up a final assembly location in a Right to Work state to get rid of that Chicken Tax. I sure hope they aren't waiting to judge US acceptance based on 25% inflated prices: That's not going to work.

Tundra Headquarters said...

That looks like a pretty good estimate of costs - nicely done.

What's your feeling on the timeline for this truck? Will Mahindra move it back once more?

Anonymous said...

i heard that they weren't passing on the chicken tax to the consumer, as eventually they will be built here, and they are just trying to get the trucks to market faster. They don't want to establish the precendent of that pricing structure, when anyone and everyone who bought a double-cab 4x4 would get laughed at for paying 31,000 for that truck.

Anonymous said...

Today the conversion rate is down on the Aussie dollar.

26999 Aussie = $24681 US

And you forgot to mention the $3000 rebate Mahindra was tossing out down under.


Anonymous said...

I'll ask for a refund on my $500.00 deposit if these prices are close to this! The 3k rebate would be nice too!

Christian J Winfield said...

This estimate of retail prices is only wild speculation.
I seriously suspect that Mahindra knows they will have to introduce these models at a much lower price to get their foot in the door in the US.

Anonymous said...

Move the trtansmission to the steering column and replace those buckets with a full lenght bench seat would be an improvement.

Anonymous said...

make that...transmission shifter