Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Breaking: Mahindra Dealer Update Video!

UPDATE 24-DEC-2009: Unfortunately, not long after the Mahindra dealer video link leaked out, GV-USA disabled it. Probably the fastest movement by GV-USA we've ever seen. We have no idea why it was pulled, because Mahindra Planet feels this was a great piece of communication not only to the dealers, but to fans of the brand. Our summary is below, and we also recommend going to PickupTrucks.com for Mike Levine's post: http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2009/12/mahindras-us-distributor-says-first-trucks-on-sale-by-spring.html More info as we get it...

“I know this has been a test of your patience and also mine…” John Perez, CEO of Global Vehicles USA Inc.

A link to a dealer video was submitted in our comments section today by an anonymous source. The link appears to be for dealer-eyes only, but it sure seems to go a long way in placating rabid Mahindra truck fans.

Here is the link: http://www.mahindrana.com/videoceodec2009.php

A few details of the video include:
- The vehicles will be here in the middle of spring.
- Dealers will be contacted directly by GV-USA on a weekly basis beginning in January
- GV-USA promises 24-hour turnaround on parts supply
- All US certification will be complete by the end of January

Source: Thank You, Anonymous!


Ocnj_Dave said...

(preface: I really want a TR20)

Ha Ha Stray thought. I was looking at the Wallnenius trade routes from India. It goes right by the Horn of Africa and Somalia.

Anyone want to give odds on finally getting the trucks in production and then making it past the pirates?

BTW The ships hold 8000 trucks and take about 30 days to make the trip. But there is a great burger place in Brunswick, GA.

Anonymous said...

Funny how GV and Mahindra can move fast when it comes to their protection?