Thursday, December 3, 2009

VW Amarok: The Mahindra TR Killer?

UPDATE: published a road test of the Amarok yesterday. US availability is highly unlikely. The article with great photos is: Here

As reported by this week, VW is set for the world debut of their163hp/295ft-lb, 2.0 liter, common-rail injected, diesel-powered Amarok compact pickup on December 15th.

Currently there are no plans to introduce the Amarok to the United States. That said, reading the Amarok specs and feature list is like reading the Mahindra TR brochure. This is a heavy duty little diesel pickup with lots of luxury features!

Towing capacity for the Amarok is 5,600 pounds, and max payload is 2,300 pounds. Slightly less than the claimed 2,400-2,700 pound payload that Mahindra is claiming for the TR20 and TR40 pickups.

If VW decides to bring this truck to the US, Mahindra had better be watching their backs.

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