Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mahindra 2011: All-New World SUV, 2nd Gen Scorpio Retains Body on Frame, Xylo Gets 4WD

India’s Business Standard Motoring reports this morning on some future Mahindra products. It’s difficult to understand exactly what they are getting across about some models. To hopefully provide some better understanding, we will quote from the article, and comment below it.

All-New World SUV
BSM: “The world SUV that is to emerge from Mahindra's Chakan facility in 2011 is the third SUV in the lineup and will be priced in the range of Rs 16-18 lakh. A more powerful diesel engine and an automatic gearbox apart, the world SUV will also have automatic climate control, cruise control and ESP. Aimed at the likes of the Chevrolet Captiva and the Toyota Fortuner, this SUV would be primarily for export markets, apart from the local market with the aim of expanding the company's presence in the more developed markets such as the United States where the company is planning to begin the sale of its pickup trucks later this year.”
MP Interpretation: As we’ve reported before, an all-new Mahindra SUV with unitized construction is being (or has been) designed for release late this year or early 2011. As the article states, the intention of this SUV is to be a world market truck. We assume that this SUV is being designed with the US and European markets in mind first and foremost. The amenities are a given, but it is interesting that they mention a “more powerful diesel engine” for the new SUV.

Second Generation ScorpioBSM: “Sources suggest that apart from a new generation Scorpio, two more SUVs are in the pipeline.” “The new Scorpio could retain its body-on-ladder format and a new petrol engine is also being developed to be fit under the bonnet of the Scorpio and the world SUV.”

MP Interpretation: The confusing thing about these statements is that the Indian press often lumps together the Scorpio SUV and the Scorpio Getaway pickup (our TR20 and TR40) together. Either way, this statement continues to affirm previous rumors of a second generation SUV/pickup being developed. This also puts into question why Mahindra is bringing the first generation TR pickups to the US when the next generation is just on the horizon.

Xylo 4WDBSM: “According to sources, the Xylo has been designed to be a part time 4wd system using an advanced version of the Borg & Warner system. Reports seem to suggest that it could be a real-time all-wheel drive system like the Honda CR-V, where the focus is on road grip and tackling bad roads and not specifically as a pure off-roader. However, there is no confirmation yet whether Mahindra will adopt such a system. The Xylo 4x4 would end up becoming the first MPV in the country with a 4-wheel drive system, but it remains to be seen how big a market is there for such a concept. Mahindra could also be seriously looking at the export markets such as South Africa for such a vehicle."

MP Interpretation: This article has a narrow focus on the Indian market. We believe the true intention of the Xylo 4WD system is for implementation in the Mahindra MUC which could be introduced in the US by 2012. MP has previously surmised that the MUC will be a pickup version of the Xylo. The addition of a 4WD or AWD system certainly emphasizes this theory.

The article also fuels the US launch delay fire with the statement: “…such as the United States where the company is planning to begin the sale of its pickup trucks later this year.” The statement is not well defined, but does not seem to suggest an immediate launch of US spec Mahindra vehicles.

Source: Business Standard, Motoring


Anonymous said...

So if it doesn't make sense to launch the current gen Scorpio trucks here if the next gen is right around the corner, and they are having parts supply problems that make ramping up production not a practical idea right now, and they are still doing testing and haven't applied for certification, will they delay things long enough to just bring the new model to us instead?

Anonymous said...

It is really pathetic that you guys have wasted the precious moments of your lives obsessing over an outmoded truck that failed to deliver so many times, from a country known for what exactly?...

...plastic cars that exhibit spontaneous combustion, cheesy movies that are still stuck in the 1930s, brainless call center monkeys, bad programmers,...

Buy a Ford Ranger, a Ford F-series... anything, and save yourselves the misery of waiting for something that will never come... and even when it does come to the US, it will be a big a disappointment.

Say, they do bring it here and the product is pretty decent, it will still be like paying German prices for a Chinese product. Ford and Toyota will crush Mahindra like an elephant would crush an ant and you will be left with trucks for which you can't find parts. Mahindra simply doesn't have the technological or financial might of Ford.

Save yourself time and disappointment and stop obsessing over it.

Anonymous said...

Whatever will happen, I think it’s pretty clear that Mahindra has some serious ambitions about the US. True, they’ve had delays but from what I’ve read on them, they are a top notch company and are gaining international recognition. I just think Mahindra realizes that the US market is extremely competitive and it needs to get things right the first time – they need to start off on a positive note since, according to this article, they have long-term ambitions for our market. Now let’s hope the announcement of a launch date comes soon!

Anonymous said...

"Buy a Ford Ranger, a Ford F-series... anything,
Mahindra simply doesn't have the technological or financial might of Ford."

You sound just like a worried Ford dealer. If Ford wants me to buy a Ford, let them bring out a diesel Ranger with capabilities like the TR20 and I'm there, but stop the whining. Also, taking cheap shots at a culture different from yours doesn't raise your point to a higher level.

minal said...
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Anonymous said...

indian companies like reliance,tata, mahindra is gonna rule the world in future and ford plant gonna shut down near future due to huge losses(tata may be buying that also),and whatever u says mahindra sells 5times more suv than both ford and toyota in india,and new W201 suv will finish both toyota fortuner and ford endevour.

jacob jones said...

It looks lethal with upgraded features and design.Its made for barren land and broken roads like it got powerful engine and tough body.

New Mahindra Xylo sheds a lot of style