Monday, March 1, 2010

City of Chatham, Ontario Pursuing Mahindra TR20/TR40 Production

The Chatham Daily News posted an article yesterday regarding efforts being made by the Canadian city of Chatham to influence Mahindra and Mahindra into producing light trucks in the province of Ontario.

The plant, which built Navistar’s International brand heavy trucks, was idled in July of 2009 after failed negotiations with the Canadian Auto Workers union.

The article states that the city mayor, Randy Hope, has been attempting to contact decision makers at Mahindra in hopes of bringing the plant back to life.

The complete article is here: New Hope for Idled Truck Plant?
Background on the Chatham plant is here: Navistar Lays Off 1000 at Ontario Plant

1 comment:

Jay said...

It seems the US is pulling out of NAFTA. So, chicken tax will apply.

Unless they are counting on doing it only until the US withdrawal from NAFTA is finalized. That sounds kind of pointless, except as a stop-gap measure.

Considering Mahindra's delays, the NAFTA withdrawal may be finalized before Mahindra finalizes the date to announce the date to announce the date of announcement of preparations for shipping production models :-)