Monday, May 17, 2010

Photos of New Mahindra Unibody SUV Leaked

IndiaCarsBikes has published a concept rendering and photos of a disguised SUV thought to be the new ‘world platform’ SUV mentioned previously on Mahindra Planet.

Details of the new vehicle are pretty much conjecture at the moment. IndiaCarsBikes speculates that the 2.2 CRDe diesel engine which the US-bound Mahindra TR20 and TR40 pickups will receive could be an option.

The other engine option could be a Mercedes-Benz designed 5-cylinder, 2.7 liter, diesel from the Ssangyong Rexton SUV. This speculation has some substance since other news today confirms that Mahindra is indeed bidding for the failing Korean automaker (also see the MP post on the Ssangyong Actyon Sports pickup).

The ‘premium’ SUV platform (currently known as W201) is slated as a step up from the Scorpio SUV which is currently being redesigned and will launch in the US in 2011. The W201 is known to be a global platform which is likely to be brought stateside sometime after the Scorpio-based, body-on-frame platforms launch here.

The concept rendering and disguised photos seem to promise a pleasingly styled, modern and more car-like SUV. Likely to be primarily front wheel drive (transversely mounted engine) with an all wheel drive option.

Time will tell us more about this new SUV and if Mahindra successfully bids for Ssangyong Motor. In the mean time, we have another six months before we see the TR20 and TR40 diesel pickups. That should give us plenty of time to speculate on Mahindra’s future plans.

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A2V said...

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Anonymous said...

Having lived in India most of my life, I can say one thing about things Indian. If any Indian claims to be or looks like a 100000 dollar person, divide that by 100000.

Have you heard of any Indian product? Used any? I seriously doubt it.

Even in the few places where you might have bought Indian products, they are known only for being cheap (but not cheap enough) and crappy.

Remember that comparison between Mahindra and Great Wall? The pictures spoke volumes about this. It looked like the two vehicles belonged to two different centuries (forgive the hyperbole).

I am ashamed to admit it, but India products and claim have very little substance behind it (compared with the hype and bragging).

I think the digital rendering gives too much credit to Mahindra. I have been on their vehicles (light years behind American standard vehicles).

cWinfield said...

Mahindra is starting at ground zero in the US. I am sure that a good portion of their battle for market share will be dedicated to negating preconceived notions that their product is in some way inferior because it looks odd, or comes from India, or whatever. I’m not acknowledging their launch delays, because that is irrelevant to most consumers outside of the freaks (like me) who monitor their progress on a daily basis.

If you spend an inordinate amount of time surfing Indian car websites and forums or reading Indian Tweets as I do, you will find that the used car market for Mahindra (and other) vehicles in India is fairly substantial. Actually, Mahindra has their own used car dealerships that sell their version of factory certified vehicles in the Indian market ( Outside of the Tata Nano, how bad could any of these Indian cars really be? You will also find that Mahindra is a brand that many Indians aspire to own (maybe that’s a product of the Indian caste system, I don’t know). Best I can tell, Mahindra has cultivated an off-road luxury image in India like Jeep and Hummer have in the US.

Keep in mind they have also been quite successful in the highly brand-loyal US tractor market.

They certainly have their haters in India too. Plenty of Indian car people cringe when they see Mahindra’s styling efforts. But I think it’s hard to argue they feel Mahindra makes a decent vehicle with a loyal following. Time will tell us, but I am more than willing to give them a fair shake.

Anonymous said...

I think Anonymous Indian hater has shared his frustration seeing hoards of Indians in the US... I feel your pain Mr... but being an Indian I can say, you are just being overly critical of the Indian efforts to produce decent cars... Indians are lightyears behind maintaining global auto quality standards... n there's no doubt about it... but be advised that is relevant to the auto industry itself... there are other manu industries like wind turbines, mills which are if not better atleast in line with US and European standards... so to say wat u said is racist... in my opinion... however i agree that most Indian industries have a lot of learn and practice...

Anonymous said...

it looks like mahindra is planning to compete with Toyota Fortuner with looks and styling.

bahar said...

will u write me at witch month lounch in indian rode's and what is the price new suv

Sourottam said...
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Sourottam said...

its high time that we indian shed our pre-concieved notion or attitude towards indian products...indian products are thought to be of low quality...ofcoarse they things are now changing...the whole concept of competition has changed the scenario...some of us are comparing indian cars with the american cars...hummer with mahindra jeep...wat a comparison woh!
products are designed according to the market demand/need of the market...hummer is a fuel gusher..due to its low feasibility...the company itself has been point is..its really really tough to design a product(not juz appearance but also the attributes) wen u have to design it for a low budget category...we indians want everything at a very low price tag...n indian companies are very competitive in delivering or catering our demand/need...with some of trade-offs to suit our budget and priority requires optimization...optimization of resource, of ideas, of market research n understanding...its easy to say negative...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree Sourottam.