Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Second Generation Scorpio to Launch in March 2011

The Indian auto press and Mahindra Planet have been predicting a 2011 launch for a new Mahindra Scorpio SUV since early this year. A well written article by MoneyControl.com seems to confirm that “an all-new Scorpio (is) set for a March 2011 release”.

Rumors have consistently predicted that the second generation Scorpio will retain a rugged body-on-frame construction like that of the current (first generation) Scorpio. Although it is unclear how Mahindra defines “all-new”, one can assume that at least the quality and safety of the SUV will be improved upon while retaining the current generation of efficient 4-cylinder diesel engines.

While sightings of camouflaged Mahindra W201 “world SUV” test mules have been quite common in recent months, it has been rare to hear of first hand encounters with disguised Scorpio test rigs roaming Indian roads. Back in August, Team-BHP forum member ‘Princey’ did happen upon what was possibly a new Scorpio in testing. Unfortunately no photos have been taken of suspected Scorpio test vehicles.

The current Scorpio shares it’s chassis with the perpetually delayed, US-bound Mahindra TR20 and TR40 pickups. With many US Mahindra followers well aware of a new Scorpio in the works, some have speculated (MP included) that Mahindra was possibly using the current Scorpio-based pickups as test platforms to obtain the required EPA approvals to homologate their mHawk 2.2L diesel engine.

If an all-new platform is just around the corner, it may be possible that Mahindra will not bring the design we currently know as the TR into the United States. Instead, they may feel that their best move is to start fresh with a more evolved pickup built around a proven powertrain.

Disclaimer: Although the MoneyControl.com article refers to the all-new vehicle as a Scorpio, there is no mention of the W201 crossover which is set to launch in 2011 as well. Mahindra is notoriously tightlipped about mentioning details of any future models. There is the possibility that the vehicle mentioned is actually the W201, but Mahindra Planet suspects that is not the case. Time will tell.

Source: MoneyControl.com, IndianAutosBlog.com, Team-BHP.com, and as hyperlinked


Anonymous said...

YOU THINK!!!!! who is going to push this? hell if it is gas it will be hard to sell. there is alot of proven rigs here and good ones. CHEAP. mahindra will have to cut the cord before they come over.what?? give them to global?? give them the gas rig and they sure are to go under.Maybe a way to bury them. Mahindra is not going to sell here unless they figure away to get around you know WHO!!Rots of Ruc

Anonymous said...

Mahindra mahindra mahindra. Lets not depend on any articles to keep up the hipe. Until we see them coming off the boat, will it be a forsure. Look they cant keep up the demand at home or produce them for that matter.How in the world can they sell here and keep up with possible demand, let alone parts for the fender bender? I still see them not selling here until they can put them together here.and use their own dealers, with aline to available parts.Think about it. sell the car or truck or whatever here and no parts !!! noway!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The following quotes from the post are alarming:
"will retain a rugged body-on-frame "

"while retaining the current generation of efficient 4-cylinder diesel engines"

Sounds like Winefield has a gun to his head by some Mahindra marketing guy. Poor Winefield.

It's not just this post, but pretty much most of them, have wordings that sound like corporate-marketing speak.

Before you react violently to the following, the following are not my view; I am capturing what the average American thinks.

I just don't understand how American consumers can like something from India. The only reputation India has here is for poverty, beggars, dumb call center monkeys, arrogant and lazy IT monkeys (for the record, not my view, but shared by most Americans), and nothing much.

What American's hear about Indian "products" from other countries are things like "worst car ever driven on the show", "has about as much finesse as a three legged giraffe" (both from UK), "worst car on the road" (from South Africa), "crash landing piece of crap our communist government buys" (from Ecuador), and the list goes on.

I can only suspect that after the lawsuit, Winefield is held hostage by Mahindra's goons trying to cook up the farce of a grassroots support.

cWinfield said...

I’ll bite. For the record, I’m not Mahindra’s marketing tool. Far from it, as M&M has personally dragged me through domain arbitration twice and won both times. Trust me, Mahindra has no love for me or this blog and they certainly haven’t done me any favors. Although I’m quite flattered that they see me as a threat, I pity them for not figuring out that I probably help them more than they realize. I think at this point they tolerate me. Long time readers know that I have been both the cheerleader and the gum-in-the-hair for both Mahindra & Mahindra and Global Vehicles since I started writing MP.

This post only puts my speculative spin on the second gen trucks, in hopes that we actually get them here. In my opinion, adjectives such as ‘rugged’ and ‘efficient’ effectively describe a small pickup with one ton capacity and the ability to get around 30 mpg. Maybe that is weak and fuel guzzling in some strange parallel universe.

Despite my personal battles with M&M (and even my personal opinion of them), I think the concept of the TR pickups is a solid one. I also think it’s a fascinating product with a size and a powertrain that are exactly what I want. Maybe “the average American” thinks they are crap, but judging by the number of people who visit this site, there are plenty who are very interested. So yeah, I’m a fan of the TR and I want one. I’ll continue to spread the news/manure about Mahindra’s activities that relate to getting their trucks here because it’s what I like to do and I am glad that I’m able to elicit such passionate responses from the lovers and haters alike. Excuse me while I find some cheese to go with my wine.

Anonymous said...

sorry after thought. the only people that do my banking , phone, are the people of India. and they do it right. I have never had any satisfaction from a American. Who has a degree and working for minimum wage and does not give a hoot.the guy with a rock house is mental.oh buy the way how can someone from india come here and be successful without a degree, and most with one cant tie their shoes?

Anonymous said...

I agree , white monkey is inbreed! What a poor example for a human. "what the average American thinks" indeed And I fought two wars for crap like this!!

bucket trucks said...

That's good news.Scorpio is a marvelous car and has made a niche in the market.It would be amazing to wait for the next one and check out the novel features of that.

Anonymous said...

I am an average American, and with Ford, Chevy, and Dodge probably dropping their mid-size trucks for the US, the Mahindra trucks will probably be able to fill that gap. Maybe that is what they are waiting for. I would love to buy a diesel powered mid-size pickup, but there isn't one. I'm sure there are a lot of people just like me. If Chevy or Ford would put one out here in the US (they make them for other countries, and have a nice diesel Ranger and Chevy Colorado being made soon for Australia) it would sell. Small clean burning diesels get good mileage, great emissions, and the durability of a diesel engine. I would buy one in a heartbeat.

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The Scorpio is mighty on the road and the car is built with security in mind. It is value for money. It is a great vehicle to own and enjoy driving. Easy to manage.