Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mahindra to Lose EPA Approval in 2011

It’s hard to believe it was over a year ago that Mahindra finally announced that it had completed the physical requirements to obtain EPA certification.  Excitement was building and many fans were beginning to think that the arrival of the Mahindra diesel pickup was on the horizon.

Sadly, in the time that has passed, Mahindra purposely delayed completing the EPA paperwork filings, kicked its importer (Global Vehicles) to the curb, and the EPA released its Estimated New EPA MPG fuel economy ratingfor the USmodel Mahindra TR40 4x4 of only 21 mpg.

Mahindra appears to be on to bigger and better things (Ssangyong) with seemingly little regret and no remorse about abandoning their US market aspirations.

Now we close in on the end of 2011.  Mahindra will lose their 2011 model year EPA approval, and they have not filed for 2012 approval.  Mahindra and GV are currently in arbitration and a whole bunch of US dealers are left with sparse bank accounts and empty showrooms.

Well Mahindra, thanks for trying.  Maybe we we’ll see you again someday.


Anonymous said...

with the ongoing arbitration I wouldn't expect Mahindra to make any decisions about the U.S., but don't you think bringing the Genio here might be on their mind?

Pee Wee

cWinfield said...

I really hope that you are right, Pee Wee. I think it would be foolish to let the approval expire and not keep that foot in the door, but I'm not sure if they are too concerned about bringing anything other than Ssangyong here.