Friday, August 28, 2009

Good News: Mahindra Resumes Search for US Pickup and SUV Manufacturing Plant

A Tweet from @PickupTrucks ( early this morning alerted MahindraPlanet to news that Pravin Shah, executive vice president of international operations for Mahindra & Mahindra, told journalists in India that Mahindra is considering purchasing a manufacturing facility in the United States for vehicles based on the Scorpio platform. The Scorpio platform is the chassis that the TR20, TR40, and Mahindra Scorpio SUV are all based on.

Mahindra’s original plan for the TR20 and TR40 pickup was to manufacture parts and sub-assemblies in India, then complete final assembly on US soil. In February, those plans were then scrapped for unknown reasons. Shah’s recent comments make a clear statement that Mahindra intends for the United States to be their largest export market, and Mahindra wishes to manufacture product for the US market, in the US market.



dick said...

Hopefully they'll stay away from the NUMMI plant. California has been repeatedly documented trying its dead level best to literally destroy companies by taxing them into oblivion. said...

I have a hunch that Mahindra is looking for something a lot smaller than NUMMI. There is a viedo on youtube named Mahindra - Institucional that shows the major assebly plant for South America.
It's in Portuguese but the assembly plant it shows looks tiny to me compared to the Ford plants I saw when I was on vacation.

Dave said...

I really don't know what to think about this company any more. I have e-mailed several times trying to find out who is going to sell them in the Cherry Hill area. I have never received an answer, not even an automated response.

Compand that with the review that was written in and I am starting to have my doubts.

I can't imagaine any company not putting a perfect truck for a review. (And I can't imagaine that Mr. Levine bought a couple of cars for his test.) One has to wonder what kind of company would send a truck to the US knowing that it would get such a critical review about fit and finish. You would think that Mr. Anand Mahindra would have his assembly line produce a "special" with no gaps in the carpet etc. You would also think that GV would not put on show a truck that was not perfect. Can someone explain this to me.

Anonymous said...

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