Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Mahindra Hy-Alfa Mini-Truck: Hydrogen Power to the People?

So, it’s not news on the US-bound TR20 or TR40 pickups, but it does show some of the alternative thinking that Mahindra engages in.

The Mahindra Hy-Alfa is an inner-city utility vehicle. These vehicles are commonly seen in the densely populated metropolis of Asian countries. The vehicles allow the operator to carry a decent amount of whatever they are transporting, yet still effectively negotiate traffic-jammed streets with relative ease. What sets the Hy-Alfa apart from the congested masses is that it’s fueled by Hydrogen.

H2 may not be the most practical (or even safest) fueling solution around, but the intent to create a carbon-free urban transporter is there. The point to be gathered here is that Mahindra is trying to stand out as an innovator in alternatively fueled vehicles.

Read the press release on Autoblog Green: Mahindra Hy-Alfa

Photo: AutoblogGreen

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