Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Officially Official: No US Mahindra Pickups Until 2010

Scooped by The Auto Writer this morning, Mahindra North America’s importer, Global Vehicles USA, Inc., has stated that no Mahindra TR20 0r TR40 pickups will be available to US customers in 2009.

Global Vehicles is claiming that product tweaking is the reason for the delay. It’s been well documented in the past that Mahindra contracted JD Powers and Associates to conduct initial evaluations of the pickup to ensure a high level of quality for the US market product.

Global Vehicles also mentions that cosmetic changes are part of the delay. As we’ve already seen, Mahindra unveiled the cosmetically revised Australian market PikUp last month. This leaves MahindraPlanet to speculate: What are the specific items causing the delay?

This is a bummer for many people have either reserved a Mahindra TR at their local dealer, or have been highly anticipating their test drive via the Mahindra NA website. Maybe more significantly, this is a blow to the dealers who are heavily committed to making Mahindra’s US launch a huge success.

The pressure is on Mahindra to ensure that after many delays, the TR20 and TR40 pickups do not disappoint when they finally launch.

For the full story visit: The Auto Writer


joecallimachus@hotmail.com said...

They are taking reservations? Where do I go?

Christian J Winfield said...

Check out Keith Smith's (www.mississippimahindra.com) comment on this post: http://mahindraplanet.blogspot.com/2009/07/mahindra-truck-dealers-new-listing-of.html

Do you know who your closest dealer is?

dick said...


Works great now!


Anonymous said...

What are the performance reviews and specs - 0-60; braking distance; turning radius; ... I've been waiting for this truck for 2 yrs. I am borderline wanting to reserve a truck but with no performance info .... I hope it will not be an uncomfortable pig.

According to one dealer listed, he and his wife have driven it and it performs well. And it will be sold in the east only at first. Is this still accurate with this delay of sales pushed to 2010?

I haven't located any California dealers.


Christian J Winfield said...


Check out today's post for PickupTrucks.com's TR20 and Scorpio test drive. The only performance data I have found in the past has been for the Aussie Pik-Up with the 5-speed manual and last generation diesel. Not very close to what we are getting.

If you find out who your local dealer is, please let us know!