Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tata Xenon: Your Next Dodge Dakota?

Mahindra’s main Indian competitor in the global compact diesel pickup segment is the Tata Xenon. The Xenon pickup was designed to be a world market light truck for Tata. Since its launch in 2007, Xenon has found sales success in Asia, parts of Europe and Latin America. The Xenon is Tata’s best selling vehicle in Europe.

The Xenon competes in the same class as the Mahindra TR20/TR40 (Getaway in India/Pik-Up in Australia) and the Toyota Hilux. Like the Mahindra and the Toyota it’s available as a 4x4 and 4x2 with double cab and single cab versions. In some markets it is also available as a 1-1/2 cab and cab-only versions (no cargo bed).

The Xenon has two engine options: An iron 3.0 liter DICOR (direct injection common rail) 4-cylinder diesel (turbocharged with intercooler) rated at 115hp and 222lb-ft torque, meeting Euro III emission requirements, and an aluminum 2.2 liter DICOR 4-cylinder diesel with intercooled turbo cranking out 140hp and 236lb-ft torque that meets Euro IV emission requirements.

MahindraPlanet has not heard any rumors of Tata bringing a version of the Xenon to the US market. However, we are certain that Tata is keeping a close eye on Mahindra’s entrance to America and they are taking notes for the future.

In the interest of speculation, would it be hard to imagine Tata not bringing the Xenon to the US? Their 2.2 liter engine already meets Euro IV requirements. Requirements Mahindra appears to be striving to attain with their new mDI series engines. Tata owns the Jaguar and Range Rover brands. That gives them some existing US infrastructure if they were to bring a pickup here under the Tata (or another) brand name.

Alternatively, the apparently frozen plan to build Fiat branded Xenons with Fiat engines and drivetrains in Argentina could still become a reality. Fiat and Tata have a well established financial, manufacturing, and technical relationship. Now that Fiat owns Chrysler, could we see Fiat or even Dodge/Ram branded Tata Xenon pickups in the future? Could the current or next generation Xenon be the next Dodge Dakota?

This scenario is a bit of a stretch, and speculation of a Fiat designed unibody pickup to be branded as the next Dodge Dakota is well documented. But maybe there is still room for a body-on-frame compact diesel pickup in the Ram or Jeep lineup based on a Tata design.

We’ll keep our eyes and ears open.

Sources: Tata, and as hyperlinked

Top: Tata Xenon XT
Middle: Fiat Strada pickup (unibody)
Bottom: Fiat Pickup Concept rendering, via


cRiPpLe_rOoStEr a.k.a. Kamikaze said...

fiat already produces a small unibody front-wheel drive pickup in brazil and south africa, the strada... the "double-cab" (actually an extended cab) version shown in the second pic is brazilian-made and rated as half-ton... in south africa the regular cab versions are rated as 3/4ton... diesel versions are avaliable, but 4wd and automatic transmissions are not currently avaliable...

Anonymous said...

Are you guys Americans or some Indian guys hiding behind American names?

I can't believe that you are talking about these third world trucks like they are real trucks.

You can buy a used American truck for half the price, haul twice the load, last ten times longer, and have features these third world attempts to make trucks cannot even dream of.

Even when you buy a new American truck, the extra bucks you pay is well worth it.

Not to mention these things look hideous, are unsafe, and tiny. Get hit by an Escalade and this thing will be toast.

It is a known fact that Indians make shoddy products. They tried selling helicopters to Ecuador and now the country is rising up against it because they crash and are of substandard quality.

It's amazing that Americans would write a blog about these third world "trucks". Please stop wasting time and help save our country from trouble.

Anonymous said...

tata xenon is nice car but to poor quality in interior
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Anonymous said...

At anon Jan 23rd.
The Ecuadorian chopper crashed due to pilot error and it's well documented. Wasn't the manufacturer's fault.
Where did you get the Indians make shoddy quality products from, as far as I know India has the most number of Deming Awards after Japan (they are given for quality control).
These trucks are not trying to compete with our Dodges or F150s they are trying to give an average American an economical option. BTW the Xenon meets Euro norms which are tough enough. The only thing that it don't have is interiors but who rides a truck for its interiors.
Also remember these American trucks are manufactured by the same companies who went broke and are propped up by bail out cash the Indians didn't take your tax money either.

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chandra said...

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TATA Xenon XT said...

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Anonymous said...

Best of all, no Obama ownned bailout tax money for these pickups.

If American auto comopanies were as efficient and advanced as India's this nation would be in less trouble.

Chotta Betaal said...


American gas will kill you quicker then the truck, those monsters guzzle gas like Obama is going to attack Iran tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Tata's are nice. They have a nice off road ride in comparison to the fleet of Dodge Dakota's we use here in Afghanistan. I wish the military would provide us with the Tata's over the crappy Dodge's that continuously break. And since not all the roads are paved and we deal with nothing but pot holes, these Tata's handle them with ease. I'm very impressed by them.

Anonymous said...

Who buys trucks for interiors? Unfortunately Americans. I never rode in a Xenon, just saw them when I was deployed to Afghanistan. Besides, what red blooded American male isn't going to like a company named TATA? I'd actually expect them to handle rough terrain better and last longer than an American truck. American trucks for the most part have started catering to those who want a truck just because it's big, hence the Escalade. Aside from specific off road packages American trucks are built for the road. I just hope that the shot in the dark idea that Fiat borrows the Xenon instead of using their fwd unibody thing is true. Fwd trucks, there's a reason the VW Rabbit pick-up died.