Monday, January 18, 2010

Xylo Wins Awards, D2 and Panel Versions Launched

Mahindra has won three Indian automotive media awards with their multi-purpose/multi-utility vehicle, the Xylo. Xylo was introduced in January of 2009 as a 7-passenger people mover and has quickly become a very successful vehicle for Mahindra in India.

A new version of the recently crowned MUV of the Year, UV of the Year, and MPV of the Year has recently been introduced, the Xylo D2:

Xylo D2
The Xylo D2 comes with the new 2.5 liter mDI CRDe engine which combines direct injection with Mahindra’s common rail diesel engine technology. The D2 version obtains 30mpg with its BS III (Bharat Stage III) compliant engine. The 4-cylinder diesel has 95bhp and 159lb-ft of torque. The D2 engine is 17bhp less than the previous 2.5 liter m-Eagle CRDe engine (non-direct injection), but showcases Mahindra’s latest engine technology and their focus on meeting more stringent emission requirements. This engine would still be a couple of steps away from US EPA requirements (BS III is equivalent to Euro III), but it is interesting nonetheless.

We mention the Xylo here since that platform will likely be the basis for the Mahindra MUC that is teased on the Mahindra North America website. The MUC appears to be an integrated body/cab pickup which could fit somewhere between a Chevy Avalanche and a Honda Ridgeline.

The new mDI engine seems to be a variation (i.e. head configured for direct injection) of the m-Eagle engine architecture which the Xylo was initially launched with. This could also be a look into the development of future (more powerful?) DI diesels from Mahindra for the US and other markets.

Xylo Panel Van
With 30mpg, a large carrying capacity, and low emissions, the Xylo panel van could also be a potential export vehicle for the US. The D2 might be the perfect delivery or transport vehicle for a business that requires a fuel efficient diesel powered van, but needs something bigger than a Ford Transit Connect, yet smaller and cheaper than a Sprinter Van.

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