Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Global Vehicles John Perez Responds to Lack of EPA Application

Posted today on Mahindra Truck Forum, GV president John Perez, spoke via telephone with the forum’s administrator, Andy Isaacson, to discuss and respond to the article revealing that Mahindra had not yet applied for EPA certification required to sell the Indian-built pickup trucks in the US. All responses on various subjects are quoted from the forum post.

EPA certification
“Just got off the phone with John Perez, the president of Global Vehicles. It was a good conversation. He re-affirmed that they are not delayed from their mid to late spring release. The EPA Certification is the last thing on the list after all the testing and hard work has been done. He said that there are Mahindra pickups all over the US, testing, testing, testing in every condition possible. That has been the reason for some of the delays because Mahindra wants to make sure that nothing goes wrong when they actually sell them here. EPA Certification is just around the corner which means that so are the trucks.”

Warranty and Pricing
“As far as warranty goes, that is still not 100% decided. As far as pricing goes, they are expecting that they will not make any money on the sales of the initial Indian made Mahindra trucks due to the chicken tax. However, wether made in India or the US, they plan on pricing the vehicle to be as affordable as possible to the consumer. It does not sound like they are planning a sudden price drop on the US made ones.”

Parts Supply to the US
“For parts, Mahindra will be using a separate company that specializes in parts distribution that already has warehouses all over the US. It's what this company does best and they will be able to get parts to the dealers quickly.”

Dealer Service
“Similar to the parts, the tech training will also be handled by a separate company that specializes in training technicians all over the US.”

The complete post can be found here: Mahindra Truck Forum: EPA Certification

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