Thursday, February 4, 2010 Report: Small Pickup Trucks Suck in Crash Tests posted a report by Larry Edsall late yesterday regarding IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) crash ratings for US-market, compact to mid-size pickups. The IIHS conclusions are… painful.

Only the Nissan Frontier (Suzuki Equator) received a ‘Good’ rating for rollover crash, roof crush safety and performed better overall than all of the trucks tested. Yet it was still not a top pick. The virtually antique Ford Ranger was second best of the bunch and the Dodge Dakota’s side-curtain air bags failed to deploy in the side impact test. The Toyota Tacoma barely bettered the bottom finishing GM Colorado/Canyon twins. In general they all sucked.

We are expecting that Mahindra has done their homework on crash safety and will ensure that the TR20/TR40 pickups arriving in April will at least outperform the worst of this bunch. Australian crash tests from several years ago weren’t so positive, but the trucks have been updated for the US market and (we assume) have received NHTSA approval since then.

The full article with details on each truck can be found here: Small Pickup Trucks Lag in IIHS Crash and Roof Crush Tests
A link to the ANCAP crash safety assessment of the TR40 can be found here: Mahindra TR40 Crash Test Video


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