Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mahindra Still on Track for 2010 US Launch with High Expectations

Although little word has been coming out of India or Alpharetta, Georgia lately, the Mahindra TR20 and TR40 pickups still do appear to be headed to America in 2010. The consistent tone among principals on either side of the globe is that 2010 is THE year for Mahindra’s mid-size diesel pickups.

MP has caught bits of information from various sources both reputable (Mahindra Truck Forum, and not so reputable (WU, you are indeed the National Enquirer of automotive blogs). When in 2010? Well, that’s anyone’s guess, but it certainly does seem that 2010 is the year. Even MP’s ranting diatribe on the merits of waiting to launch in 2011 don’t appear to be holding Mahindra back this year.

The latest golden nugget of semi-information is found on India’s, The Hindu Business Line this morning:
“We are entering the US this year which is the world's largest market for sport-utility vehicles pickups. It is going to change M&M's international business volumes and take the brand to a different level in the SUV and pickup space.” Pravin Shah, Chief Executive, International Operations, Mahindra & Mahindra

The article goes on to explain Mahindra’s plans for global expansion with the US market being one of the key components. Currently, Mahindra’s export vehicle sales volume (outside of India) accounts for around 7% of their total vehicle sales. By entering the US and expanding other markets they believe they can reach 20% export volume in 2012.

The entire article is here: Mahindra Bets Big on US


Anonymous said...

"(WU, you are indeed the National Enquirer of automotive blogs)"

Two words: John Edwards


Anonymous said...

I’m a self-annointed Mahindra enthusiast and I’ve been waiting for this truck since day 1. Like many of you I’ve had to endure each delay but I’m hoping 2010 is the year. I continue to believe the Mahindra pickups have unique characteristics, from its rugged looks and diesel engine, and with the fuel economy benefit I am expecting, I will continue to wait patiently.