Thursday, April 29, 2010

US-Spec Mahindra Pickup Spotted?

Could this be a pre-production/early production, US-spec Mahindra TR40 photographed on Indian roads? member, Pee Wee, found this link and submitted it to the forum this morning. From the photo, it appears that this could very likely be a US-spec pickup. Key indicators are the blatant “Left Hand Drive” lettering on the tailgate, lack of bed-mounted tie down cleats, lack of model name designation, step bumper (with sufficient room for a range of license plate sizes), and a high-mount third brake light (not unique to the US, but reinforces the likelihood that this is an export vehicle).

Are we another step closer to getting US trucks?

Sources: (Thanks Pee Wee!),


Anonymous said...

Good find!

Let's hope to get one of those this side of the world soon. There have been one too many delays. I definitely hope the product is worth the wait. I've read some great things on their clean diesel engine so I'm hoping to be impressed on my first test drive!

Anonymous said...

ah.. it's probably an Indian Rural Post delivery vehicle.

Christopher said...

what???? no tie down cleats??? that was one of the things I liked about the truck!!! Mahindra don't remove them!!!!