Friday, June 18, 2010

Episode V: Anand Strikes Back

"Yes, an unfortunate development. Groundless charges; Can't comment since now legal,"

- Anand Mahindra, Vice Chairman, Mahindra & Mahindra (via Twitter, @AnandMahindra)

The Times of India reports that Mahindra finds the lawsuit filed against them by US importer, Global Vehicles USA, Inc., to be without merit. Mahindra intends to refute GV’s allegations that Mahindra has not held up to US vehicle delivery expectations.

To read the complaint filed by GV in Atlanta District Court on Monday, follow the link to Jalopnik who have been kind enough to post the document in its entirety: This is the Lawsuit (Thanks GoSlicker007 for the tip)

Sources: Times of India, Jalopnik

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Like anyone's going to admit that a lawsuit filed against them is with merit.

I have told this before, and I have to say this again. Don't expect anything substantial from an Indian company. How many Indian brands, products, people do you know about? Anything that even comes within a light year of things like Einstein, Pepsi, Ford, Toyota... anything?

For Mahindra, the entry into the US is a big marketing thing in their home market. They have probably sold lots of Scorpios in India based on the news generated by their "foray into the US market" (as Indian news sources parrot).

Did you know that Scorpios sold in India have miles per hour markings in their speedometers? They don't save a dime by doing that. It is purely marketing. No one else does that (more than half a dozen car companies sell more than a dozen models at least in India; many of them who sell to countries that use miles per hour, but no one uses them).

They know Ford and Toyota won't be interested in this niche market (not much profit to be made), and that they can dilly-dally for as long as they want.

Go ahead, accuse me again of not understanding other cultures, and what not. Bitter experience should have taught you by now.

Don't expect much from Mahindra (or any Indian companies for that matter), and you won't be disappointed :-)