Monday, June 21, 2010

Mahindra Looking to Partner with Lotus

While it is unclear what type of partnership Mahindra seeks with high performance sports car manufacturer, Lotus Cars, it is clear that they have been open to a relationship with Lotus’ Malaysian parent company, Proton, since their manufacturing joint venture with Renault cars evaporated earlier this year.

Proton is apparently eager to create a joint venture with a company established in India to build and distribute their vehicles for the Indian market. It is rumored that Mahindra is interested in the electric and hybrid technology expertise of Lotus Engineering.

Keep in mind that Lotus currently supplies nearly half of the content of the Tesla Roadster. A joint venture with Proton could provide valuable resources in the design of lightweight chassis and suspension systems for future Mahindra Reva electric car projects and potentially develop additional electric technology improvements for Reva cars and Mahindra SUV’s.

Lotus has previously assisted Mahindra in developing improved high speed stability characteristics of the current Mahindra Scorpio SUV.

Source: Money Control


Anonymous said...

If Mahindra can't handle a simple pickup truck launch, then Lotus and Tesla are done for.

Dick said...

That's just great.
Lotus, you just lost the sale of an Elise SC.