Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mahindra SUV and Pickup Sales Increase 14%

Mumbai, India based, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, has released its August sales report indicating that full range domestic auto sales have increased 29% and sales of it’s SUVs and pickups have increased 14% over August 2009 figures.

The Indian utility vehicle maker, who is expected to sell low-priced, 30 mpg, diesel compact pickup trucks in the United States beginning in December of 2010, has been experiencing significant growth in 2010 despite parts shortages which have hampered full growth potential.

The anticipated US market Mahindra TR20 and TR40 pickup trucks are set to launch this December, and an SUV variant (Mahindra Scorpio) is rumored to launch sometime in 2011. US emissions certifications for the pickups were obtained in August and the Scorpio SUV has recently been seen testing in the southern United States. However, Mahindra is currently battling a lawsuit brought on by their US import partner, Global Vehicles USA, and Mahindra has not publicly indicated whether or not Indian production of the US bound vehicles has even begun.

Source: Mahindra


Anonymous said...

Still 0 sales in the US, though.

I live in the US, and I'm tired of being in an automotive backwater. Ford and GM makes lots of desirable small cars, it's just that don't sell them here. I guess they're worried that selling a nice little Focus diesel will eat into their Expedition sales?

suzuki trucks said...

it is very nice one information for us.I have to agree with andy on this. More and more I read about the BRIC countries waking up and making world-class products.Mahindra wants to offer a product into the auto market. If Ford offers a better product and Mahindra does not, the better product gains more sales, which leads to more profits

Anonymous said...

It’s refreshing news. I’m personally tired to read all these negative posts and comments by people. Yes, Mahindra has struggled with the US entrance but it remains a solid company with solid products. It recently received EPA certification. And we all know how tough it is to meet emission requirements for diesel engines. Now let’s also hope for a positive turn in the Mahindra-GV saga.

mahindra cars said...

Mahindra is all famous for making powerful cars and pick-ups which runs on barren lands.They are used in all kind of plains and terrains.