Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hey Mahindra, Are You Listening?

And Mahindra & Mahindra thinks I’m down on them? Mahindra Planet’s occasional constructive criticism and suggestions for mitigating Mahindra’s multiple US pickup launch delays, their blatant disregard for positive public relations, and how they appear to ‘deal’ with their partners (Global Vehicles), their dealers, and their future customers has nothing on what some Indians have to say about them. This is not to mention all of the great commentary written by fans and detractors alike on various mainstream automotive news sites. Consider this post as an open appeal to Mahindra.

Dear Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd,

Most of us fans here in the US now figure that you really don’t care what any of us may think of you. However, most of us are convinced that you have the right product at the right time (and are ready to buy it now) and generally want to see you succeed. Some see your promised launches and subsequent delays as a reflection on your ability to deliver a vehicle that will meet expectations. Others see you as an arrogant corporation who has frustrated it’s own dealer network, is being sued by GV in the US and the UK to motivate you to deliver vehicles, is trying to dissolve contracts via press releases, and is even trying to kill Mahindra Planet as it currently exists and takeover http://www.mahindraplanet.com/ for it’s own use.

I don’t know much about marketing, but it seems to me that listening to your customers and working to continuously improve your public perception are things that most companies aspire to do. Regardless, if you do actually care about your future in the United States, you should click the links listed below and see what your potential customers really think of you, your business practices, and your products before you, ahem, deliver pickups in December.

Mahindra Planet

Here you go Mahindra (or anyone else interested). Here are the MP top 5 must-read, user-generated, Mahindra PR links:

1 – Team-BHP.com
This is (IMHO) simply the best Indian car forum out there. Some serious car fans from around the world are on this site. This very long thread reveals that some people in India have a surprising lack of faith in the success of Mahindra’s US launch. It’s an eye-opener.

2 – Autoblog.com
This is a post with some, er, interesting comments. Some good, some bad. All are a good read.

3 – PickupTrucks.com
This is Mike Levine’s latest post on Mahindra, again full of colorful commentary. I suggest digging through some of the older posts and reading those comments as well.

4 – Jalopnik.com
It’s hard to beat Jalopnik’s posts. Again, the comments are a very interesting read. Search through older posts and read those comments too.

5 – MahindraTruckForum.com
Goes without saying, MTF is the voice of Mahindra lovers and haters in the US, offering opinions galore. If you sincerely want (or barely care) to put your fingers on the pulse of the US Mahindra truck scene, you’d better get on board. Your importer and dealers lurk and participate on MTF; you should be doing the same.

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Anonymous said...

In Mahindra's defense probably most of their advice is coming from US lawyers. In that world you never admit mistakes or say you are sorry. Too bad since research shows that admitting mistakes and saying you are sorry is often the best move one can make (I recommend the book "The Upside of Irrationality").

PSUMBA said...

Mahindra has totally ignored the "how to succeed multinationally" basics that come from any International Business 101 course! You sign a company like GV to build your network because they are nationals of the country ... and know all of the nuances that you don't as an outsider.
In addition, they have made the gross miscalculation that the USA legal system works like the "old boy" legal system of India ... perhaps encouraged by legal counsel who was down in their billings.
In any event ... you've hit the nail squarely on the head when you say that Mahindra is poisoning the USA market through their actions!

cWinfield said...

Automotive News' Lindsay Chappell posted a brief article on Mahindra today which echoes the sentiment of this post and the comments by Anonymous and PSUMBA. A good read: http://www.autonews.com/article/20100901/BLOG06/100909991/-1

dick said...


As hopeful as you are, you can forget about Mahindra ever figuring it out.
Why? Because they've already figured it out, but instead hide behid the "We're Indian and have a different culture" bullshit.

Fuck you, Mahindra.
Put up, or shut the fuck up and get out.
You assholes haven't proven shit to us, and the way you're going about it, you never will.

With all my love,

Freedom of Speech

Anonymous said...

As I've stated before, i waited two years and watched time and time again the lies and total bullshit from Mahindra concerning the release of a truck here in the US.
I am the proud owner of an American built Toyota Tacoma 4x4 reg cab and couldn't be happier. Proven reliability and dealers all across the country.
I will never buy a Mahindra product in the future based on the history that I have experienced. You are the Yugo of the truck market.