Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Colorado/Canyon Replacement by 2014

GM will be bringing their global small pickup (GMi700) to the US in 2014 according to Sounds like the global version (built in Thailand) will launch this year, but by early 2014 US versions will be built on American soil.

It sounds like the new pickup will be about the same size as the current Colorado (which is only slightly larger than the S-10/Somona it replaced). However, it will remain body-on-frame and in typical global small pickup fashion, it will have a 1-ton payload capacity and feature diesel engine options (at least internationally).

So, combine that with news of a refreshed Tacoma (Hilux-based?) coming in 2013, and Nissan bringing back a Hardbody/D21-size pickup in the near future… we may have some pretty sweet small pickups heading back to the US. Mahindra still has a shot but they need to get their act together quickly.

Updated 24-Feb-2011: Autoblog reports that the Chevy Cruz will be getting a 147 horsepower, 235 lb-ft, 34 mpg diesel by 2013.  It's probably not a far stretch to imagine that engine used as an option in the upcoming Colorado/Canyon replacement.



william e burk said...

mahindra does not have a chance, with all their bullshirt going, with their lies, cheating their distributors and trying to bring a 1970's truck design to the usa.

the indians, are dead in the water, and need to grow up and grow a pair and be fair with their business partners.

now for the usa manufactures, grow up build a smaller size fleet truck similar to a colorado, but with much greater quality than a typical chevy, smaller size truck and a small diesel engine 28 mpg city, 40 mpg hwy. in the service industries like pest control, delivery, trades, cable tv, satellite tv, etc...etc...etc... some tricked out options for the your for your 16 to 35 year old crowd, then you are covering 2 very VAST MARKETING MARKETS- duh

get up off your lazy high salaried butts, grow a pair, serve your markets, and do not release until it is right, and you will sell the frick out of trucks.

it is time for you arses to adapt and over come....YOU HAVE THE CAPABILITES, you just have to wow us for a good/fair price, and quality, and gas mileage (not stupid over priced battery cars) if you try and cheat us you will die trying and lose. throw your marketing trash out and start all over with some good down to earth people, and not arrogant slam the product down the customers throats, cause the the target market is stupid they will buy it, they will do what we tell them.

right manufacturer, right quality, right miles per gallon, and right quality service 50,000 to 100,000 units first year sales (actually maybe 2nd year cause most companies release before perfection), you would think high paid engineers and designers could do better, and (get up off the planned obsolence), so it will have to come from a great company with a great record of quality - not many us car makers meet those abilities especially most detriot based manufactures. i came from the fleet leasing business, i know what business and individuals want and have been asking for years.

lastly pull back the reigns on the EPA, and the oil companies influence over the car manufactures

LISTEN YOUR CUSTOMERS AND KEEP UP WITH THEIR WANTS NOT YOURS !!! unfortunately manufactures think they know everything, there are several on our planet that understand these principles

william e burk

i have proofed this enough, hope i am being clear and getting my point across.

Anonymous said...

Well said sir, thank you for the well-written comment. I pine for the day I can purchase a compact, diesel-powered pickup truck. Perhaps we will get our day in 2012, or 2013 -- better make that 2014?

Anonymous said...

Build the Colorado the size of the Dakota be prepared to work 24/7