Friday, February 18, 2011

Revealed: The New Mahindra TR

Recent headlines have not given US Mahindra fans much encouragement lately: Mahindra’s Dismal EPA Fuel Economy, Global Vehicles Drops Lawsuit Against Mahindra, etc. Good ol’ MP is here to tell you it’s not all doom and gloom. Well, we don’t think so anyway…

We’ve alluded to this before on, but MP believes that the much rumored the next generation Scorpio/Getaway/TR20/TR40 is very close to launch. The key to this? The Mahindra Genio:

"We are very keen on exporting this.. when we conceptualized this product, we were also looking at in exporting also...we are confident that it will drive the growth in the pickup segment...," - Senior Vice-President Sales and Customer Care, Mahindra & Mahindra, Arun Malhotra (at the Genio launch on 28-Jan-2011)

Why do we believe that the Genio is the basis for an all new TR? The numbers don’t lie:

                         Mahindra Genio Single 4x2   Mahindra TR20 4x2
GVWR              6,460 lb                                   6,945 lb
Curb Weight     3,704 lb                                    4,180 lb
Payload             2,756 lb/1.38 ton                     2,785 lb/1.39 ton
Width                72.4 in                                      69.7 in
Length              207.6 in                                     206.0 in
Height               73.6 in                                       71.8 in

“From this year to the end of March 2012, there will be a slew of products launched across passenger and commercial vehicles segments. There will be about 8-10 substantial new products, including variants and refreshes, launched during the period.” – President Automotive and Farm Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra, Pawan Goenka

The Genio (internally called U202) is built on the Mahindra Ingenio chassis launched in 2009 for the domestic market Xylo multi-purpose vehicle (basically what we would call a 7-passenger van, think Ford E-Series). The Ingenio chassis was designed to replace the current Scorpio chassis which sits underneath most of Mahindra’s light trucks built since 2002 (Scorpio, Bolero, and Thar). The obvious intent was to create a modern chassis with greater configuration flexibility which could carry a variety of powertrain options, wheelbases, and overall lengths.

A Genio-based next generation TR means that the US would get Mahindra’s latest and greatest chassis design. A chassis that was designed to carry diesel or diesel-hybrid powertrains (maybe even all-electric via Reva) and it was designed for 4WD or AWD drivetrains.

Replace the Genio’s utility bed with an integrated conventional pickup truck box and you have a new pickup with a distinctly more modern feel than the current TR (goodbye drip rails and 90’s Toyota rip-off styling). Is it pretty? Meh. Is it better styled than the TR? Maybe. But then the TR styling has grown on us over the last 3 years. It certainly is more modern and appears to be much higher quality inside and out.

Going back to our comparison of Genio versus TR20 specifications, the Genio weighs nearly 500 pounds less than the TR20 but still hauls a 1.3 ton payload. Combine that 500 pound diet with a more aerodynamic cab and suddenly 30 mpg becomes a more attainable reality once again. Could this be what John Perez is talking about?

Of course this is all Mahindra Planet’s famous speculation. But when things begin to add up, shards of reality begin to emerge. It could also just be wishful thinking…

Source: Economic Times,, as hyperlinked


Anonymous said...

are the back wheels smaller than the front or is the truck so long the perspective makes them look smaller?

Anonymous said...

I prefer the utility bed over any conventional consumer style truck bed. Especially if they will make the sides drop down as well!

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Love the look of the van or truck.Mahindra the name stands for sturdy quality and rough tasking.Great review.

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I agree. No one can ever beet great quality cars as it is able to withstand more years.

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