Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Updated: GV Drops Lawsuit against Mahindra

Updated 24-Feb-2011: For the last few days the official North American Mahindra website operated by Global Vehicles USA, Inc. has been down.  When typing the url in your browser, an error is returned stating that the domain name does not exist.  Also note that the GV's corporate website, is now "under construction". 

Mahindra posted an official statement on the dismissal of GV’s lawsuit last week. It confirms that the “arbitral tribunal in London issued an Award confirming that the tribunal has exclusive jurisdiction to resolve all disputes relating to Mahindra and Global Vehicles’ relationship, and it has directed Global Vehicles to stop all current litigation & not file any further litigation against Mahindra relating to the parties’ current dispute.”

Vehicle dealers and distributors are fairly well protected by US law from strong arm tactics or bullying by manufacturers under the Automobile Dealer’s Day in Court Act of 1956. By abandoning US litigation (at least for now), GV is kicking that blanket of protection off the bed. At this point, GV has consciously decided to commit all of their effort and confidence into the UK arbitration process.

Since a verdict isn’t expected until August of this year, expectant Mahindra fans have a long summer ahead to predict the results and debate what those results will mean for the way Mahindra vehicles will be distributed in the US. The good news is that this gives Mahindra time to perfect their products for an eventual US launch. The bad news is that established manufacturers appear to be on the brink of refreshing the small pickup market in the US.

As we have said many times before, the saga continues.


Anonymous said...

It appears Ford has a 2011 6.7l diesel F250 that gets mid 20s MPG with 390hp and we can buy it now..........

Anonymous said...

sorry Mahindra enough is enough,i am tired of your bullshit waitting for a diesel truck, i will buy an american truck with warranty