Monday, August 9, 2010

Collateral Damage: Dealers Caught in the Middle of Mahindra Pickup Delays

Been wondering why 350+ Mahindra dealers have been so quiet? BS Motoring posted a great article this morning, interviewing Mike Geylin (GV spokesman) and Larry Neuwirth of Safeway Chevy ( Actually, it’s probably one of the best news articles I have read from an Indian source on the GV/Mahindra lawsuit, and includes the dealers view on the subject. Sounds like the dealers have low confidence in Mahindra’s ability to market and distribute their vehicles in the US themselves without the use of an intermediary like importer, Global Vehicles USA.

The BS Motoring article is here: Court battle puts a hold on M&M pick-ups

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dick said...

Speculation… It’s a shitload of fun, but you always have to remember, it’s nothing more than an outside thought and that ever so nasty Freedom of Speech.
With that said, I've got some for you.

At this point in the game the would-be dealers have to be steaming at the ears and ready to start breaking things and you know what? I wouldn't blame them one damn bit. If I were in their shoes, I’d already be in my attorney’s office.
According to GV’s dealer network map, they’ve done one a hell of a job collecting mountains of contract cash from these guys. Then again, according to their court records, they’ve also done one hell of a job at pissing it away if their lawsuit claims have any merit.

The problem as I see it?
Mahindra has figured out GV for what it really is (can anybody guess? Back row? Any of you guys?), and now they want to ditch that lil' wannabe megastar.
Hey GV? What did that website cost? $300.00? Man, you guys are marketing geniuses. Somebody call Mensa. Think about it. How many dealers signed on based on their initial thoughts of that one website?

The real question is; are you would-be dealers screwed out of your hard earned cash? Just talking off the side off a fender in a parking lot; I’d say you boys are probably screwed and tattooed, and now at the mercy of Mahindra Ltd., who couldn’t give a flying damn about you or that grandma who needs a hip operation. But that’s just a thought, and that was one hell of a feel good thought, huh? Well boys, I got news for you. It gets better. True story!

Will GV refund your money if Mahindra fails to keep its promise and the trucks don’t hit our shores?
Lmao! (that’s the internet acronym for “Laughing My Ass Off” for those of you who don’t know)
I'd put money down in Vegas on this one. Who the hell knows (giggle), but who am I to place such horrible thoughts in the back of you tiny wittle dealer brainpans?
Truth be known, I have no use for somebody who’d toss out a four square on some elderly couple barely getting by and trying to pay for their meds, or a young kid fresh out of college.

The fact is, this probably never would've occurred if GV would’ve put half as much effort and funding into advertising the new truck as they did in recruiting dealers. But then again, maybe it would have, so who knows? Once again, speculation.
I think the best speculation was made by Larry Neuwirth, when he stated, “there’s more to it than we all know”. No shit there.

Congrats to Mahindra and GV equally. Your trucks have yet to touch American soil and you’re both already the laughing stock of truck owners everywhere.

You would-be dealers? Y’all ever hear the term, ‘jetsam and floatsom’?
Hell, if I was in your shoes, I’d be locking down a nice tight relationship with Greg Gutfeld right about now.