Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mahindra Moves Forward: “We Have Dealers Calling Us”

Alabama-based, posted a report this morning after speaking with Global Vehicles USA’s Dan T. Najour (vice president of sales and marketing) and Max Butler (GV’s marketing and PR consultant) on the expected December sales date for the Indian-made, compact diesel pickup trucks.

Najour was asked if dealers were backing out of their commitment to selling the first Indian brand of light trucks and SUV’s in the United States. His response was that very few have backed out, and GV is still getting inquiries from dealers interested in carrying the Mahindra brand despite launch delays and pending lawsuits.

MontgomeryAdvisor was unable to contact Birmingham-based Mahindra dealer, Serra Automotive Group (one of the first dealerships in the country to publicly acknowledge their connection with Mahindra) and noted that their website ( was no longer operational. However, Serra’s Chevrolet website does still appear to be active and they are still listed as a dealer on the Mahindra NA dealer map.

The outlook for a December 2010 launch of the low-to-mid $20,000 compact pickups is still optimistic. Let’s hope it happens this time around.

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Anonymous said...

So how will we buy one of these trucks in December? Are dealers tied to GV or will M&M deal directly with the dealers? I would have expected to see more information out by now. Dec is 4 months away 'if' they intend to meet their latest timeline.

I saw pictures of one of their vehicles with a light bar and roll bars, etc. will these features be options?

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