Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mahindra v. Winfield, Part II

Unsurprisingly, Winfield has lost. I could gripe about it, but life is too short. If $6 billion international conglomerate, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, wants to waste time and money shaking down some blogger who’s actually an advocate for them instead of spending time getting product on the ground in the US; well that’s their problem.

If Mahindra had taken a few minutes to contact me, a five minute phone call could’ve saved them however many thousands of dollars their attorneys extracted from them, and saved them some negative publicity. Yes, if Mahindra had called me directly instead of assuming I was out to get them and seek arbitration, I would have given them the domain names they wanted on the spot. Sincerely, it’s their loss.

Mahindra Planet is still here, and staying put as far as I am concerned. Mahindra can do what they feel is right and I‘ll keep doing the same. If this website is shut down next week, you will know what happened. A lesson has been learned from my rapid internet education provided by the University of M&M.

At the end of the day, I still want to see Mahindra get those trucks here. I think they will be a great alternative choice for a lot of potential midsize pickup buyers, and they may even snag some sales that would’ve gone to full-size and compact pickups. Whatever you may think of Mahindra or their vehicles, there are no two ways about it; a rugged, midsize diesel pickup is the right product at the right time.

In spite of the flogging, I look forward to Mahindra’s success and anxiously await the eventual arrival of their pickups in the US.

Click here for Mahindra v. Winfield, Part I


dick said...

Congratulations, Mahindra!
On your well deserved victory over this juggarnaut known as Mahindra Planet.

Chris, shut this blog off, but mantain the url so they can't reopen it without handing you cash, and then open up a new spot with a more generic name.
Hell, might as well use your own name.

Oh, Manhindra. Enjoy your fame.


Anonymous said...

Oh well Chris, shit happens. But of course not Mahindra meeting any importation deadlines! Thanks for all your hard work and really great info. Keep on bloggin, bro!!! Dave

Anonymous said...

Screw Mahindra, I'll never buy one now!

Anonymous said...

Srew mahindra. I waited two years and have purchased a 2011 4 cyl 4x4 tacoma reg cab w/ bucket seats and an auto trans. @ $21350.00 before tax and title I know I got a great deal on a best in class vehicle.
Yo mahindra... you lost me with lies/deceptions/ and your pusssy attack on this blog.