Friday, August 6, 2010

Ssangyong, Nebraska, and Flying Pigs

Ssangyong Motors

Rumor is that Mahindra is prepared to bid $400 million on the barely breathing South Korean automaker, Ssangyong Motors. MP has detailed some of Mahindra’s justification for interest in Ssangyong, including expanding their current range of vehicles: Korean Pickups

“We want to buy it for the world market. We can’t justify buying it only for the Indian market.” - Pawan Goenka, President Automotive Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra

Ssangyong would give Mahindra a turn key line of sedans, SUV’s and additional diesel technology. In some ways the Ssangyong products could be considered a more sophisticated, and a worldlier lineup than the current Mahindra portfolio.

Nebraska Dealers
MP received an anonymous tip about three potential Mahindra dealerships in Nebraska. Two of which are former (and relatively new) Saturn stores run by Dennis Schworer in the Lincoln and Bellevue/Omaha areas. The third dealership may be in the smaller town of Norfork.

The tipster also pointed out that the Bellevue/Omaha dealership is in close proximity to Offutt Air Force Base and suggested that many of the people employed there certainly would’ve had some exposure to diesel vehicles in Europe and Asia. Nebraska has been added to the Dealer Directory.

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Sources: Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and as hyperlinked

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cRiPpLe_rOoStEr a.k.a. Kamikaze said...

in some countries such as brazil the same dealers that offer mahindra trucks already offer ssangyong trucks and suvs too...