Friday, August 13, 2010

Rally dos Sertoes: Mahindra Action Photos, Stages 1 & 2

The 18th Rally dos Sertoes began Wednesday, August 11th with an arena-format, special stage (called the Super Prime) in the Brazilian city of Goiania. From there, the point to point stages have begun.

So far, so good for the Mahindra entries very early in the race. It’s too early to post positions, but here are some great Super Prime and stage photos of the Mahindra trucks in action courtesy and

I also threw in a photo of one of the big diesel Ford’s racing at the Super Prime for you Ford fans.  Click photos to enlarge.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting how the first picture is not even close to being authentic..... truck on 2 wheels throwing yellow dust on a dark brown track and no tire tracks..... I wonder if the Dec 2010 release will be a fake, too.